No matter what your credit needs are we have the loans that will fulfill those needs.  We’re in the business of making loans and as a community based bank we are able to use flexible underwriting standards to tailor our credit products around your requests.  Whether it be for a new car that special home that you’ve always dreamed of or operating money for a new business venture we provide you with easy access and terms that meet your budget.  In addition, our loan officers are long time employees of the bank and members of the community so you won’t need to continually reintroduce yourself to your banker.

Agricultural Loans

Agriculture is a major part of our local and state economy.  That is why we specialize in Agricultural lending with loans of all kinds such as:  crop production, livestock production, farm equipment, and agricultural real estate.  This is the core of our lending business and our goal is to help you grow and remain profitable and viable in your farming operation.

Commercial Loans

Business operating, equipment and/or machinery

Real Estate Loans

Various types of real estate financing are available, on residential or commercial property.

Installment Loans

For new and used autos, trucks, all types of consumer goods, personal loans, home improvement, and any other worthwhile purpose.

Credit Life/Health & Accident Insurance

Credit Life/Health and accident insurance is available to installment customers, as well as term loan customers for the amount and duration of the loan.  Consult loan officers for further details and costs of the insurance.

Special financing options

Nebraska Energy Loan Program

This program provides low rate financing for specific energy saving improvements to a home, certain appliances, businesses, and certain farm machinery upgrades.

Please contact us at 402-757-3231 for any questions you may have.